Afghan Wireless Boosts Data Revenues 10% with Business Value Consultants

Value Delivered: Custom analysis reveals opportunity to create new offerings that increase customer data usage and revenue.


Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) is the leading Afghanistan wireless communications company, launched in 2002. AWCC serves more than five million business customers and consumers, spread across the country’s 34 provinces, delivering rapid, reliable and robust voice, data, internet, and mobile payment services.

Optiva Charging Engine was deployed, along with complementary solutions including policy management and payments, several years ago. From January 2017, Optiva has also been providing Business Value Consulting services. As part of these services, Optiva’s consultants work closely with AWCC marketing and product teams to address their business challenges and recommend new service launches, enabling AWCC to leverage the Optiva product suite to its full capacity.

The Challenge

As many of its customers are low-data users, AWCC was looking for ways to drive data services adoption, usage, and revenues, while addressing the varying characteristics of different segments and without leading the market into a price war. The solution to this three-sided challenge needed to provide customers with an easy, worry-free experience, from order through consumption, while educating users and ensuring that the value of the service is well-understood.

The Solution

Following a thorough analysis of AWCC’s situation, including an evaluation of their competitors’ offerings and their own Go to Market strategy, Optiva’s Business Value consultants made specific and actionable recommendations that would enable AWCC to increase customers’ data consumption significantly through the launch of integrated bundles, also known as “Combos.”

While common in some markets, these bundles which provide the user with a combination of voice, data, and SMS allowances, had not been properly introduced yet in Afghanistan. Optiva’s consultants collaborated with the AWCC team, providing their recommendations and insights on which services would best meet the needs of differ ent audiences, as well as their accompanying terms and conditions.

The first package that AWCC introduced, the Kahkashan Combo, included different levels of voice, text, and data allowances. A WCC timed the new service launch around a high-profile cricket match when subscribers would be most interested in streaming sports videos and staying up-to-date on their favorite teams’ scores. To complement the Combo, while avoiding the need to offer an all-inclusive plan, A WCC evaluated additional methods to allow customers to top up a selected allowance, such as data, for a set price.

The Results

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