Boost Your 5G Monetization Opportunities

Leverage 5G technology and new services into monetization opportunities with new commercial models and capabilities. The transformation of 5G goes beyond network performance, and innovation is the key to continued telco success. Optiva Charging Engine is geared with rich functional features and non-functional capabilities for any service offerings- cloud-based, digital, mobile, and more.


Optiva Charging Engine empowers 5G domain areas: 

  • Extreme mobile broadband and fixed wireless access (FWA) 
  • Ultra-reliable low latency communications 
  • Massive machine-type communication (advanced M2M IoT)


5G use cases include: 

  • Real-time session control (e.g., Fortnite Pass, etc.) 
  • Real-time session policy (e.g., smart cities, home, etc. )
  • SLA assurance (e.g., AR use cases, industrial AI/ML) 
  • Enabling dedicated corporate connections 
  • Self-learning fixed wireless access 
  • Advanced IoT use cases with access pattern optimization
  • Enable sponsoring and revenue share models with dedicated commitments 


Innovate with a business feature set to monetize 5G 

Leverage state-of-the-art product capabilities and tightly integrated policy to shape new products and services relying on 5G network functions and tailor real-time experiences to match specific business needs. 


Scale to 5G massive traffic 

  • Cloud-based scalability foundation 
  • Distributed and resilient database layer (locally and across regions) 
  • In-memory, open-source data grid efficient ultra-low latency traffic handling


Handle low-value records with differentiated value-based charging

  • Unique approach to drive efficient charging handling based on the value of the event 
  • Real-time authorization and processing fit for each event specification
  • Cost-effective enhanced and efficient processing on the edge 


Empower digital, seamless customer experience across 3, 4, and 5G

  • All in one 3G, 4G, and 5G support for standalone and non-standalone deployment 
  • Customer-centric data model driving consistent multi-play experience  (broadband, IoT, and more) 
  • OOTB integration to 5G network functions for enhanced personalization (NEF, AMF, NWDAF, etc.) 


Ensure real-time supervision of 5G experience with tightly integrated policy control 

Support 5G dynamic slicing, trigger real-time action to policy fulfillment and orchestration to ensure QoS, supervise guaranteed SLA providing real-time feedback to application in case of a breach. 


Drive B2B2X monetization with open architecture  

Empowered open digital architecture & open APIs powered by TM Forum to enable fast onboarding of partners to create a partner ecosystem. 


Optimize low latency use cases with distributed charging on the edge 

Optimize on-the-edge or hybrid distributed processing to minimize network traffic and reduce related costs.  

  • Flexible deployment between central functions and edge functions 
  • Distribute workload considering charging value to drive lower TCO 
  • Resilience across nodes, availability zones, regions, and data centers