Optiva BSS Platform™

Fully managed, end-to-end, pre-integrated, cloud-native on the cloud.

The Optiva BSS Platform is an end-to-end customer and revenue management solution that monetizes innovative services and delivers a high-quality customer experience. The platform allows operators and MVNOs to utilize real-time billing, charging, and fulfillment to differentiate themselves from the competition and maximize profitability.

The suite supports 2G through 5G on a single platform, giving operators the tools they need to deliver a more advanced and personalized user experience cost-effectively.

Best-of-Suite BSS

  • Customer Self Care
  • Dealer Care
  • Customer Administration
  • Convergent Rating, Policy Control & Charging
  • Billing & Collections
  • Product Catalog
  • Order Handling
  • Wholesale Settlement

Looking Toward A Digital Future

Optiva BSS Platform is a pre-integrated solution that goes beyond traditional billing. It allows for store-front provisioning, monetization, and cross-service promotions to be delivered in real time. It is designed for the cloud and can be deployed in public and private environments, and it delivers rapid launch and lowers TCO. The suite addresses all the monetization requirements of a service provider.

  • Optimizes and improves the overall subscriber service experience
  • Manages distributor relationships
  • Implements agile offerings and customer solutions
  • Roll out new services quickly
  • Delivers targeted, real-time cross-service promotions
  • Supports additional and entirely new revenue streams

Centralized Stack

End-to-end stack, with an easy roll-out across all modules.

  • Unparalleled visibility into customer behavior
  • Flexible pricing and subscriber-centric services
  • Configure once – propagated across all modules
  • Quickly solves customer care issues
  • Automated business processes
  • Supports pay-as-you-go, postpaid, and subscription-based service lifecycles

BSS Reimagined for MVNXs

Optiva BSS provides your customers with end-to-end digital experiences powered by highly efficient and digital operations. Globally, our proven software powers more than 60 MNOs, 5+ MVNEs and over a dozen MVNOs and digital brands.

A cloud-native and modular BSS that is available on private and public clouds. Gain competitive advantage with a fast launch to market using our starter pack. Always stay up to date with our continuous flow of new features with no end of life for the software.

8 weeks to go live


of the industry benchmark

Fueling MVNO Growth

Several factors contribute to the growth of MVNOs and help to ensure that new, nimble players can challenge the larger, more established Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

  • Regulation are forcing MNOs to give access to their infrastructure
  • Digital era sets the bar for higher customers’ expectations
  • 5G technology brings new frontiers of personalized services for sub segments

MVNO Success Factors

Optiva BSS Platform offers one central platform to manage services and provide a personalized customer experience with the support of a comprehensive set of customer management tools.

  • Meeting consumer expectations
  • Adapting quickly – implementing changes rapidly
  • Adopting a flexible and cost-effective operational model

Your BSS Stack Requirements

To achieve these success factors, you need a robust BSS framework behind you. For MNOs launching an MVNE platform & for MVNOs buying their IT infrastructure, a cloud-native BSS on the public cloud offers the magic combination of the maximum benefits at the lowest cost.

Lowest TCO, up to 80% in savings.

Savings on the public cloud result from several factors, including cheaper compute power, decreased hardware and operating costs, and open source software.

Focus on your business, not your enterprise software.

Most MVNE/Os do not have the budget or in-house skills to embark on a BSS development project, not to mention managing infrastructure and data centers. With a public cloud BSS solution, any aspect of your BSS can be managed by your vendor.

Elastic compute power and autoscaling.

With the public cloud, you only pay for what you use (no pre-purchasing required!) — and you can scale operations up (or down) automatically as needs change.


Leveraging best practices and packaged templates.

MVNE/Os need a BSS developed and packaged for their needs that is modular and flexible for changes. With public cloud, discover a dynamic solution with rapid time to value and constant access to new features, using automated CI/CD pipeline for bespoke needs.

Your Solution.
Your Success.

Optiva BSS Platform is ideal for MNOs, MVNEs, and MVNOs. It provides tools that are vital for increasing and retaining your customer base. Easy to deploy and maintain, the multi-tenant BSS platform decreases the cost and complexity of integration solutions and offers an enhanced digital customer experience and personalized journey.

Digital-First BSS

Agile innovation for navigating your digital journey with ease.

Consumers have changed. The power of digital disruption has removed boundaries, and proximity is no longer a constraint. You connect, play, and work online, and you expect a seamless digital experience wherever you turn. Consumers have evolved to become digital users, presenting CSPs
with opportunities and challenges alike. Optiva is equipped to guide you through both. Empower your innovation with our BSS platform, designed from the ground up with the digital user in mind. Chart a course towards growth with a wide range of business models to help you monetize your investment and lead the pack with superior customer experience.

Customer-Centric Data Model

  • Flexible data enrichment
  • Cross-channel orchestration for a true seamless experience

Digital Ecosystem

  • TM Forum OpenAPI alignment
  • Quick and easy first and third-party integration
  • Web and mobile self-care
  • Native policy control and direct carrier billing to enable your ecosystem growth

Unified Product Catalog

  • Building block driven, centered around the industry-standard, product-service-resource paradigm
  • Configure once for all channels
  • OOTB product templates to acquire, grow and retain your customers
  • Unified across all channels

Future Ready

  • 5G-ready plans and monetization models
  • Real-time, value-based charging
  • CI/CD pipeline management — long and costly upgrades out — fast, seamless updates in
“We are lean, techy, agile, and we move fast. It is in the core of our strategy, and having Optiva as our partner enables us to deliver on that.”

Mariano de Osma, Cuy Móvil CEO