Optiva BSS Platform™

Full revenue and customer management suite built for digital telcos and MVNOs/MVNEs disrupting with innovation and speed

Full BSS suite:

  • Online Rating & Charging
  • Billing & Product Catalog
  • Customer Management
  • Order Handling & Fulfillment
  • Consumer Self Care
  • Dealer Care & Wholesale

BSS reimagined

Optiva BSS Platform benefits

BSS suite

End-to-end revenue and customer management with lean and tightly integrated modules

End-to-end digital

Digital customer journeys from onboarding to self care powered by all digital operations

Advanced customer care

Purpose built and efficient customer care with opportunity for upsell, loyalty and churn prevention

Future ready with
5G and automation

Simplified out-of the-box product templates, fast delivery, and automated operations

Customers innovating with
Optiva BSS Platform

Features that make Optiva BSS Platform
unique and complete

End-to-end digital experience 

Optiva offers superior customer experience with a single unified customer and service model, supporting multiple lines of businesses. Enhanced by real-time feedback loops to fulfill customers’ digital experience expectations. 

Digital engagement

Few clicks to digital on-boarding and multi-touchpoint self care (e.g., mobile app, web care, chatbot, etc.), offering all-digital and fast alternatives that lead to improved NPS at a lower cost of service

Digital customer experience

Single customer data source ensures consistent customer experience across all channels and services in real-time

Catalog-driven digital configuration and operations

Single-source driven configuration across all BSS modules and touchpoints  and across all access channels

Operational efficiencies through a streamlined fulfillment across the tightly integrated end-to-end suite leads to improved time to market



Future-ready and flexible revenue management

Monetizing today’s services and building capabilities for the future, such as 5G, innovative bundling of services with OTT partners, digital lifestyle, and more, require innovative monetization capabilities. Optiva offers future-ready, flexible support for full customer lifecycle monetization that is built for growth and innovation at speed.

Monetization built for future growth

Offer 3G, 4G, and 5G services with dynamic data controls, integrated real-time policy, and subscription plans for creating simple yet intelligent and rewarding monetization plans 

Flexible and personalized offerings

Catalog management, rating, and charging for bundling and tailoring offers focused on enhanced customer engagement and acquisition

Monetization across customer and growth lifecycle

  • Acquire with simple and intuitive bundles and plans 
  • Grow with innovative bundling of own services with partners and OTTs
  • Engage with intelligent real-time offers and promotions  
  • Expand with ‘customer-get-customer’ from family and group incentives


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Full customer management

Today’s businesses are satisfying customer expectations with all-digital interactions. Customers expect the same fast and personalized interactions from telcos too. To provide superior and consistent CX across all touchpoints, Optiva offers one source of truth for customer data. This provides complete control of end-to-end customer management and care.     

Single and central customer view 

One single source of customer data for all services ensures a consistent customer experience across all services and devices
Enables single edit and single data lake for all analytics-based services

Full customer lifecycle support

Functionalities and capabilities to support all stages of the customer lifecycle, including digital onboarding, care, billing, support, upsell, and loyalty 

Holistic care – Self serve/dealer care/customer care

End-to-end customer complaint and care management with registration of complaints, assignment, and escalation based on rules, resolution, and closure and charge reversals  


Innovate at speed and stay ahead of competition

New digital opportunities come with intense competition. To succeed, the evolution of telcos into tech companies is imminent. Optiva BSS Platform can be the core engine of your transformation journey.

Evergreen centrally managed software

CI/CD pipelines and one centralized version of the software ensure you are always on the latest version with no risk of software end of life

No-code fast configuration

Easy configuration with automated testing offer fast time to market with the ability to launch new products in hours
Automated testing framework for 10x greater testing in 1/10th of time

Launch a new MNO, MVNO, digital brand or MVNE in 3 months

Optiva BSS Platform fast track pack provides exhaustive OOTB configurable options to launch new services within 3 months

Fast onboarding of partners

Fast onboarding for partners and integration with partner management system for full partner lifecycle management

Cloud-technology foundation with extendable open architecture

With multiple live cloud deployments, Optiva BSS Platform is a proven technology optimized to support small implementations, experiments, and scale to millions of subscribers in any private or public cloud environment. 

Support for open standard APIs provides easy and fast integration and onboarding for partners. Get real-time access to all functions with the ability to integrate 360° feedback loops.

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