Optiva BSS Platform™

Fully managed, end-to-end, cloud-native on the public cloud.

For CSPs, including MNOs, MVNEs and MVNOs, Optiva BSS Platform, re-architected and made available on the public cloud, is Optiva’s new entry into the SaaS market. The multi-tenant BSS suite allows customers to focus on their business, not on deploying and managing enterprise software.

Best-of-Suite BSS

CSPs can design marketing plans, load subscribers, and deploy their services — without having to install any software on premise. Optiva BSS Platform offers you the following on the public cloud:

  • Customer Care
  • Product Catalog
  • Unified Rating & Charging
  • Customer Self Care
  • Payments & Voucher Management
  • Billing & Collections
  • Order Handling
  • Policy Control
  • Dealer Care
  • Wholesale Settlement

Solution Features & Functionality

Fully Pre-Integrated

  • Pre-packed, end-to-end, real-time BSS stack for rapid launch and low TCO

Catalog-Driven BSS

  • Integrated order management
  • End-to-end service fulfillment

Digital Customer Journey

  • UX-driven, self-care features
  • Single shop view through all omni-channels

Real-Time “Smart” Offers

  • Cross-service promotions
  • Rapid, real-time, micro-campaigns
  • CRM-based macro campaigns

Cross-Service Monetization

  • Cross-channel services
  • Billing and CRM evolution
  • Complex service bundles

Your Solution. Your Success.

Public cloud offers rapid, unlimited scale with capability for worldwide reach. The costs and complexities of bare metal or even virtualized enterprise software deployments are a thing of the past. Discover the benefits of public cloud that Optiva BSS Platform leverages:

SaaS, worry-free model — from the core hardware and infrastructure to the application, Optiva BSS Platform is offered “as a service.”

Pay as you grow. The platform license and all needed compute power resources on the public cloud are offered in a flexible, dynamic model. You enjoy the scalability and elasticity of the public cloud and only pay for what you need.

Lowest TCO, up to 80% in savings. Save on capital expenses and overall costs by eliminating the need to purchase and manage your own infrastructure and hardware on premise.

Rapid deployment. Optiva BSS Platform can be quickly and easily deployed with out-of-the-box commercial templates, allowing faster time to market and value.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation — Now.

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