Optiva Charging Engine™

A flexible, robust, end-to-end converged charging solution optimized for the world’s largest CSPs.

Whether your customer base is 5M or 500M, the unique pricing model, functionality, and scalability of Optiva Charging Engine make it the best OSS / BSS solution for telco innovators.

Proven, Award-Winning Charging Engine

Monetize next-generation telecom services with customizable charging, policy management, and user experience solutions. With an open integration framework, you can place Optiva Charging Engine into the heart of your network for a best-of-breed, end-to-end experience for voice, digital, fixed line, IoT, and more.

Available on premise, hybrid, or public cloud.
Learn why REAL CLOUD is public cloud.

The Spanner Difference is 10x

Optiva Charging Engine, when deployed on public cloud. — Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Spanner database — offers virtually unlimited and dynamic scaling. Seize the advantage with elastic computing power, and provision only what you need, when you need it.

Cloud Spanner is an enterprise-grade, globally-distributed, high-availability, strongly consistent database built specifically to combine the benefits of a relational database structure with non-relational horizontal scale. The Google battle-tested database has the unique ability to automatically scale and synchronize reads and writes across unlimited nodes with low latency and strong consistency through the use of Google TrueTime API. Bottomline, you get 10x the speed and scale at 1/10th the cost of Oracle.* *Based on internal testing

Deliver Personalized Plans to Customers

Empower your marketing group with more flexible charging and campaign design capabilities.

Gain greater tools and control for designing personalized plans that attract customers — and beat the competition. CSPs can create an enhanced end-user experience by setting individual limits and pricing thresholds, notification levels, and payment terms based on the subscribed tariffs. With Optiva Charging Engine, customers get on-demand visibility into real-time account balance, fees, and charges.

Deploy New Campaigns Fast

Gain faster time to revenue with the ability to define and launch targeted, contextual campaigns in real-time via multiple channels.

Innovate with specific marketing and cross-service campaigns and gain immediate insight into campaign success. Access more than 100 out-of-the-box marketing use cases for quick introduction of new services, including dynamic plans, loyalty programs, tethering plans, group plans, and multi-device plans.

Integration Agnostic

As networks and systems become more complex, CSPs look for best-of-breed solutions that are easily integrated and can serve as a single platform all service types (mobile, fixed, broadband, TV, IOT/5G, etc.).

Need a single convergent charging system or a dedicated data monetization solution on top of existing environments? Optiva Charging Engine is flexible and adaptable, creating competitive advantage and cost reduction through open interfaces and simplified workflows.

Migrate to Cloud at Your Own Pace

Utilize Kubernetes as a stepping stone to full, public cloud. Optiva Charging Engine is available for Kubernetes-enabled data centers, including private data centers and Google Cloud Platform.

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Power Your Success with Optiva Charging Engine — Now

At 10x the speed and scale and 1/10th the cost*, the innovative pre-packaged, real-time monetization features of Optiva Charging Engine on Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Spanner allow you to engage the most evolved charging capabilities in your environment.

With over 25 commercial telecom deployments — the largest supporting over 200M prepaid and postpaid customers — Optiva Charging Engine is a proven platform, trusted by CSPs in the most competitive markets in the world.