Optiva Charging Engine™

A flexible, robust, real-time cloud-native converged charging solution optimized for the world’s largest, most innovative, and disruptive service providers.

Whether your customer base is 500K or 500M, the unique pricing model, functionality, and scalability of Optiva Charging Engine make it a best-of-breed, any-play real-time charging solution of choice for telecom innovators.

Proven and Future-Ready Charging Engine

Launch next-generation telecom services with configurable charging, policy management, payments, and user experience solutions. With an open architecture, the cloud-native Optiva Charging Engine provides the monetization foundation for an end-to-end experience for mobile on 3G/4G and 5G, digital, fixed line, broadband, IoT, TV, partner ecosystem, and more.

Available on private, hybrid, or public cloud, and empowered by Kubernetes to enable a homogeneous experience across the deployments. Read more about our cloud-native architecture on public cloud deployment.

Drive revenues with unmatched charging flexibility

Handle any service with a universal data model

  • Easily integrate OCE to serve as a single charging platform for all service types
  • Deploy OCE as a central convergent charging system or a dedicated data monetization solution adjacent to existing environments
  • Drive true converged charging across mobile, fixed, broadband, and IPTV and as a foundation for an extendible partner ecosystem

Introduce a rich set of monetization capabilities

  • Empower your marketing team with flexible configuration UI
  • Leverage from more than 100 OOTB market-proven offers and converged bundles templates
  • Bundle and discount to provide a holistic and unique offering to your customers across all lines of business, including IoT, OTT, and other partner channels

Empower digital personalized customer experience

  • Ensure a consistent customer experience across all channels
  • Drive real-time digital experiences with a converged customer-centric data model and real-time notifications and triggering
  • Empower customers with real-time on-demand visibility into account balance, fees, and charges

Innovate with advanced monetization for 5G and IoT

  • Handle expected high volume of traffic with unique, smart value-based charging approach ensure real-time execution and orchestration of policy-driven customer experience for advanced 5G QoS and SLA use cases
  • Introduce flexible monetization 5G opportunities such as QoS, SLA dedicated slicing with closed-loop feedback from network
  • Support 5G standalone and non-standalone experience and deployment options

Build a foundation for a partner ecosystem

  • Use standardized “plug-&-play” APIs for creating a true revenue-generating partner ecosystem
  • Leverage open architecture to enable third-party solutions to be part of your service portfolio and monetization opportunities

Faster, Leaner, and More Agile Operations

Our fully integrated, any-play converged platform provides unprecedented scalability. Optiva Charging Engine adapts to existing infrastructure to monetize service offerings — all of the time. Bill for any service, any market, or any device immediately.

Power Your Success with Optiva Charging Engine — Now

Evolve to a new cloud-native charging solution to empower your business to the next level. Optiva Charging Engine will help you succeed on your journey and help you find the right path to profitable growth.

With over 25 commercial telecom deployments — the largest supporting over 200M customers — Optiva Charging Engine is a proven platform that is trusted by CSPs in the most competitive markets in the world.