Charging for IoT

Realize the Full Potential of IoT With Optiva Monetization 

IoT is growing to billions of connected devices. Optiva helps operators to monetize on the opportunity from simple connectivity to full vertical solutions with its best-in-class cloud-native charging engine.


Support large hierarchy 

IoT will use large-hierarchy monetization mainly driven by enterprise and B2B2X business models. Optiva Charging Engine helps telcos manage and charge these complex hierarchies of multiple users and devices, including: 

  • Supporting a variety of hierarchies that span from a consumer with multiple devices to large and complex enterprises with multi-layer setups
  • Provide flexible commercial monetization models (e.g., shared allowances, shared 5G network slices management, split billing, quota management, tiered pricing, etc.)
  • Enable unlimited scaling through distributed architecture, answering temporary spikes associated with massive IoT use cases 


Handle traffic surge with differentiated and efficient value-based charging

A unique approach to efficiently handle billions of devices with varying charging values from high ARPU to very low, each charge is routed on the smallest path and to the right charging treatment. This ensures maximum efficiency of both the application and its infrastructure. 


Ensure low latency charging with distributed charging on the edge 

Supports on the edge or hybrid distributed processing to minimize IoT network traffic and reduce related costs. Handles unlimited IoT data metering and shared data aggregations on the edge while rating and charging for the shared data aggregations. 


Enhance IoT offering and partner ecosystem

Apply open architecture methodology and standard APIs to enhance IoT offerings and value propositions with a long and rich set of value chain capabilities from connectivity providers to device management and advanced analytics. Enable easy and fast onboarding of these capabilities to drive innovation and ensure the operator’s overall value creation.