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Drive experience and growth with Optiva’s digital, fully automated and cloud-native BSS

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<strong> 100% customer empowerment  </strong>

100% customer empowerment

End-to-end digital onboarding and self-care

<strong> +25% ARPU <br> increase </strong>

+25% ARPU

Personalized monetization opportunities launched in 3 hours, driven by automation

<strong>3 months <br> to go live  </strong>

3 months
to go live

SaaS offering available on Google Cloud Platform and Azure marketplaces

<strong>360° customer lifecycle engagement </strong>

360° customer lifecycle engagement

Fast & simple acquisition, grow with innovative digital offerings, and promotion using network effect

Digital Experience Built for Growth

Optiva’s end-to-end modular BSS platform harnesses digital and monetization flexibility for the complete customer lifecycle. 

  • Digital engagement and fast onboarding in only a few clicks
  • Differentiated yet simple to choose bundles and payment options, providing frictionless adoption of the new brand
  • Improve NPS with empowered self-care and intelligent AI-backed and real-time personalized loyalty and promotion offerings
  • Grow service adoption with help from OTT partner bundles
  • Grow customer base and reduce customer acquisition costs up to 40%  with innovative family and group plans

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Enabling Digital Brands Globally

Key Benefits

Simple adoption

Easy onboarding and differentiated monetization that your customers will love

Real-time personalization

Offer intelligent personalized bundles, promotions, and loyalty programs to your subscribers driven by AI, ML, analytics insights

Across lifecycle touchpoints

End-to-end digital offerings across full customer life cycle - onboarding, monetization, upsell, self care

Holistic customer experience

Driven by central customer management and well-integrated modules

Loyalty and stickiness through OTT ecosystem

Supports easy partner onboarding with open architecture and standard APIs

Optiva proven experience

20+ years of experience supporting tens of digital brands, MVNOs, MVNEs

SaaS on private cloud, GCP, & Azure

Start small, experiment, and grow with unlimited scalability of public cloud infrastructure

Cutting-edge technology

Optiva products are cloud-native, centrally managed, continuously updated, leveraging end-to-end automation

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