Digital-First BSS

Agile innovation for navigating your cloud journey with ease

Consumers have changed. The power of digital disruption has removed boundaries, and proximity is no longer a constraint. You connect, play, and work online, and you expect a seamless digital experience wherever you turn. Consumers have evolved to become digital users, presenting CSPs with opportunities and challenges alike. Optiva is equipped to guide you through both. Empower your innovation with our BSS platform, designed from the ground up with the digital user in mind. Chart a course towards profitable growth with a wide range of business models to help you monetize your infrastructure investment and lead the pack with superior customer experience.


Customer-Centric Data Model 

  • Flexible data enrichment
  • Cross-channel orchestration for a seamless experience


Digital Ecosystem

  • TM Forum open digital architecture (ODA) compliant open APIs
  • Quick and easy first and third-party integration
  • Web and mobile self-care
  • Native policy control and direct carrier billing to enable your ecosystem growth


Unified Product Catalog

  • Building block driven, centered around the industry-standard, product-service-resource paradigm
  • Configure once for all channels
  • OOTB product templates to acquire, grow and retain your customers
  • Unified across all channels


Future Ready

  • 5G-ready plans and monetization models
  • Real-time, value-based charging
  • CI/CD pipeline management — long and costly upgrades out — fast, seamless updates in


“We are lean, techy, agile, and we move fast. It is in the core of our strategy,
and having Optiva as our partner enables us to deliver on that.”

Mariano de Osma, Cuy Móvil CEO


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