Guinea Mobile Empowered To Expand Business To New Segments While Delivering A Digital Customer Experience

Customer Background

Guinea Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses Claro Peru's 4.5G GigaRed and Optiva BSS Platform for managing customers, products, and revenues. Guinea has differentiated itself in the Peruvian market by launching the first fully digital onboarding experience with four simple steps. It operates in a highly competitive market with low subscriber portability barriers and switching costs.

Customer Opportunity

Guinea identified an immense opportunity for its business expansion and the creation of a new revenue stream. It involved leveraging the flexibility and fast time to market it can achieve with its supporting back-end BSS system. With its digital-first approach, it can target additional segments with differentiated offerings, such as students, young professionals, and tourists visiting Peru, and offer its MVNO label to retailers searching to diversify their offerings and customer experiences to mobile services.


Guinea services are deployed using Optiva’s BSS Platform. With Optiva’s BSS, Guinea has been able to deliver a digital experience, onboarding new customers digitally in just four touches. This includes contactless subscriber verification with a fingerprint image. It has delighted customers and added to Guinea's growth even during the pandemic. Before the pandemic, Guinea was the only operator in the region that offered online click-to-order mobile services and service delivery in four hours.

From MVNO to White Label MVNE Provider — Guinea’s Journey

To drive further revenue growth and target new business partners, Guinea leverages Optiva’s BSS and Claro’s network to serves as a white label MVNO and enable several brands that include:

Cuy Móvil: The first brand launched and owned by Guinea focusing on the youth segment.Optiva BSS enabled it to deliver superb customer experiences by offering digital engagements across their lifecycle e.g. onboarding, verification, flexibility to choose plans and more.

Wings Móvil: A mobile device retailer that expanded its loyalty program and added telecom services. Optiva BSS Platform offers easy integration capabilities, leveraging standard APIs and simple no-code offering configuration. This enabled faster launch of the retailer's mobile loyalty brand in only four weeks after its SIM cards, business plan, and strategy were in place. The retailer benefitted from accelerated time to revenue with the ability to quickly configure new plans, upload SIM card characteristics, and more. Optiva BSS also enhanced the effectiveness of its loyalty program by making it easier to redeem points earned for buying data/voice allowances and even new devices in real time. Optiva’s managed services ensured smooth operations, responsive customer care, and reduced business, all while containing cost.

Peru SIM: Peru witnessed a surge of international tourists post pandemic. Guinea utilized its white label MVNO capabilities and enabled the launch of a new brand, "Peru SIM," that is focused on tourists. Along with the Claro Peru network, Optiva’s BSS served as the technology foundation for enabling Peru SIM’s operations. Optiva’s BSS makes it easier for subscribers to order the SIM card and plan of their choice on a website before their travel. They can collect their SIM card from stores in popular tourist cities, or it can be delivered to their hotel. Furthermore, digital BSS also makes it easier for subscribers to check their balance at any time, change plans monthly without penalty, and add more data allowance when needed, all while complying with government regulations.

New IoT Brand: Guinea has also plans to foray into the B2B segment with a new IoT brand. By combining its proprietary technology platform for SIM management and Optiva’s white label MVNO solution, it will enable IoT operations across a range of industry segments, including retail, agriculture, transportation, etc.

Key Business Benefits

  • Easy business expansion: Enabled company’s multi-brand strategy to acquire new subscriber segments, including telco operations of three brands, while containing costs.
  • Simple integration: Standard APIs allowed simple integration of the mobile system to its partner ecosystem, and they ensured a comprehensive customer experience across digital channels, point of sales, and loyalty programs.
  • Digital experience: Delivered enhanced digital customer experience by enabling the digital onboarding of customers digitally in only four touches.
  • Manage customer churn: Provided tailored offerings via notifications to subscribers who are expected to churn, thereby preventing revenue leakage. It also enabled real-time redemption of loyalty points to buy more data and voice allowances.
  • Faster time to revenue: Enabled launch of a new brand in only four weeks, accelerating revenue growth.
  • Reduced business risk: Ensured round-the-clock availability of services to end customers with a reliable and stable BSS platform.

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