Optiva Announces Resignation of Chief Financial Officer

TORONTO, January 11, 2019Optiva Inc. (TSX: OPT), an innovative software provider of mission-critical, cloud-native, monetization solutions to leading communication service providers (CSPs) globally, today announced that Ken Taylor, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), has submitted his resignation, effective January 11, 2019, to pursue other interests.


Optiva clarified that Taylor’s resignation was not the result of any financial problem, dispute or matter relating to accounting practices or financial statements.


Anin Basu, Vice President of Corporate Finance, will resume responsibilities as Interim CFO. Basu has been with Optiva since 2013 and previously served as a partner with KPMG.


About Optiva Inc.:

Optiva Inc. is leading the telco industry and its innovative customers around the world by offering next-generation software solutions to help them leverage today’s digital technologies. Our portfolio of monetization products enables real-time billing, charging, policy management and user experience that are critical to our customers’ growth and performance. When deployed in the cloud, Optiva™ solutions deliver the most impact for the best value. Our vision, market knowledge, analytical insights and unparalleled Customer Success Program ensure our customers are equipped to achieve their strategic business goals today and into the future. Established in 1999, Optiva Inc., can be found on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: OPT). For more information, please go to www.optiva.wpengine.com.  


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