Redknee Creates Operational Efficiency and Enables New Service Offerings at Tier 1 Service Provider in the UK

TORONTO, June 8, 2017 /CNW/ – Redknee Solutions Inc. (TSX: RKN), a leading provider of business-critical billing and charging software and solutions for communications service providers, is pleased to announce that a large Tier 1 telecommunications operator in Europe will make a multi-million dollar investment in Redknee Unified, as part of its plan to improve and simplify its architecture and achieve a 20% reduction in operational expenditure. The investment will enhance the existing Redknee service creation platform to provide NextGen DevOps capability to build, test and release new services and features rapidly, frequently and more reliably across multiple brands. Redknee will also consolidate several silo platforms from multiple vendors to harmonize processes and improve the customer experience.

The Redknee platform has already made significant improvements to the customer experience by supporting services such as number translation, international roaming support, and prefix correction services. These enhanced platform capabilities streamlines processes to create operational efficiency, reduce time-to-market and create competitive advantage by supporting the creation and launch of innovative services. The operator can use its new simplified architecture to launch new revenue streams, improve the quality of services and the overall user experience, while achieving its goal of a 20% reduction in operational expenditure.

Danielle Royston, CEO at Redknee, commented: “Redknee works in partnership with telecommunications operators to streamline and simplify operational procedures, optimize cost and improve the type and quality of services. With Redknee’s solution, this telecommunications operator can achieve its goal of 20% cost reduction, but also improve services for the end-user to create competitive advantage and customer success.”

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About Redknee:
Redknee monetizes today’s digital world. We provide a complete portfolio of mission-critical monetization and subscriber management solutions, including real-time billing, charging, policy and customer care modules, which allow Communications Service Providers to charge for things in new and innovative ways and create a unique user experience. Available on premise, cloud-based, or as a Software-as-a-Service, Redknee’s low-risk, flexible solutions power more than 250 businesses across the globe. Established in 1999, Redknee Solutions Inc. (TSX: RKN) is the parent of the wholly-owned operating subsidiary Redknee Inc. and its various subsidiaries.

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