Redknee Launches Latest Release of Redknee Unified at Mobile World Congress

Redknee Unified 2016 addresses growing demand for monetizing digital services


TORONTO, Feb. 17, 2016 /CNW/ – Redknee Solutions Inc. (TSX: RKN), a leading provider of real-time monetization and subscriber management software, is pleased to announce the launch of Redknee Unified 2016, the latest release of its end-to-end real-time monetization software solution. The launch of Redknee Unified 2016 comes at a time when the communications industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with communication service providers (CSPs) evolving into digital service providers (DSP’s) that are entering new markets and launching new services.

“Digital transformation is an opportunity for telcos to evolve their service and product offerings, to meet customer demands and create an optimum customer experience. They must also achieve this while operating at internet-speed and thus real-time monetization platforms are critical to the success of any digital transformation strategy or agenda,” says Chantel Cary, Research Analyst with Ovum. CSPs on a digital transformation journey require an innovative, real-time monetization solution that integrates quickly, supports multiple deployment platforms and delivers an advanced customer experience. Redknee Unified 2016 is a catalog-driven revenue management solution that supports an omni-channel customer experience through an integrated product catalogue and order management. New features include Smart Pricing, which reduces customer churn by analyzing real-time data from the network and mobile devices to support contextual offers, and ‘one click deployment’ of cloud and virtualization technologies, to increase scalability and operational efficiency.

Redknee will be demonstrating Redknee Unified 2016 at Mobile World Congress at the Barcelona Fira Gran Via on February 22-25, 2016 in Hall 5, location 5C31.



Monetizing Any-Play Services
CSPs now have the ability to leverage a single revenue management solution to monetize and bundle multiple lines of business, such as mobile, fixed line, and cable, as well as utility services such as prepaid energy and other non-telco services. Redknee Unified 2016 allows CSPs to introduce cross-service offerings that open new revenue streams and increase customer loyalty.


Creating a More Seamless Customer Experience
Customers want access to the same services and products regardless of where they purchase them, whether it is through a website, a smartphone, a retail store or a call center. The latest release of Redknee Unified includes a pre-integrated product catalogue and order management that enables an omni-channel customer experience, allowing CSPs to offer a consistent and compelling customer experience across activation, marketing, retail, self-care, and customer service. This reduces costs, improves speed of delivery and enhances customer satisfaction at every touch point.


Reducing Customer Churn through Automated Promotions
Today’s subscribers respond more favorably to personalized offers. Smart Pricing uses analytics-driven insights to help identify potential churn candidates. It then delivers targeted, automated marketing promotions triggered by each subscriber’s unique digital experience, sending customized offers designed to promote customer loyalty and reduce churn. In addition, service providers can use this as a tool to market new services, by providing offers for what subscribers want, when they want it.


Cloud / NFV ready
To gain agility and scalability, service providers are moving to the cloud and virtualizing both IT and core network services. Redknee Unified offers increased scalability in cloud environments, regardless of the architecture. Redknee Unified 2016 brings to the market real-time charging and policy applications as virtual network functions (VNFs).


Automated Operations
Today, CSPs are looking to simplify back-office operations. Redknee Unified 2016 has introduced the concept of ‘one-click’ deployment and scaling within a virtualized environment. This, coupled with automated testing and robust configuration management, greatly simplifies operational complexity and accelerates time to market.


Monetizing the Internet of Things
Monetization is a critical component to leveraging the full potential of the IoT, with a recent Machina Report estimating the value at $1.3 trillion. Redknee’s monetization and subscriber management platform addresses Machina Research’s seven key capabilities to support IoT monetization: scalability, openness, real-time, flexibility, transparency, security, agility and vertical enhancements.

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About Redknee:
Redknee monetizes today’s digital world. We provide a complete portfolio of mission-critical monetization and subscriber management solutions and services that allow communications service providers, utility companies, auto makers and enterprise businesses of all types to charge for things in new and innovative ways. Redknee’s real-time billing, charging, policy and customer care offerings provide the agility and scalability to drive a unique user experience, increase profitability and support any new product or business model. Available on premise, cloud-based, or as a Software-as-a-Service, Redknee’s low-risk, flexible solutions power more than 250 businesses across the globe. Established in 1999, Redknee Solutions Inc. (TSX: RKN) is the parent of the wholly-owned operating subsidiary Redknee Inc. and its various subsidiaries. References to Redknee refer to the combined operations of those entities. For more information about Redknee and its solutions, please go to

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