Mexican Service Provider Accesses a Varied MVNO Subscriber Base With Optiva

Customer Background

A leading provider of wireless communications services in Mexico and among the top ten strongest brands in the telecom sector, according to the 2020 Brand Finance Telecom 150 report. It also offers a wide range of services and content, including video, music, games, and other applications that subscribers can access from mobile devices.

Customer Challenge

To further accelerate its business growth in the Mexican market, the service provider aimed to leverage its network infrastructure to launch and support MVNOs and digital brands to meet different customer segments' needs. Further, per government regulations, it is required to provide end-to-end MVNE services to potential MVNOs.

Its main BSS stack lacked the agility and multi-tenancy capabilities to onboard multiple MVNOs and support advanced digital experiences. Additionally, it wanted a separate BSS stack that enabled OOTB flexibility to differentiate various MVNOs while providing a single cost-effective and simple-to-configure end-to-end business support system.

The Solution Deployed

The service provider selected Optiva’s flexible, scalable, and cloud-based full BSS suite that includes charging engine, product catalog, billing, CRM, and more capabilities. With our revolutionary fast-track deployment approach, it took only six months to deploy a full BSS suite. Our SaaS-based multi-tenant solution has enabled service providers to swiftly offer network access and coverage to multiple MVNOs and digital business.

With built-in mediation capabilities, the service provider has been able to differentiate traffic and facilitate billing and reconciliation with MVNOs. By utilizing Optiva’s end-to-end BSS solution, MVNOs have also been able to easily manage their offerings and drive personalized and real-time customer engagements across all channels. Complete self-care capabilities for MVNOs and subscribers are also available effortlessly.

Powered by Optiva’s BSS, nine MVNOs and digital brands with more than two million subscribers across a range of segments, including retail, media cable, bank, IoT, communications, run on service provider networks. This offers deeper market penetration and access to a wider customer base to fuel their business growth.

Key Business Benefits

  • Swift onboarding and configuration of a new MVNO in 2 months
  • Complete isolation of network access between all MVNOs without impacting their individual operations
  • Faster rollout of competitive services by leveraging OOTB features and cloud-enabled automation methodologies
  • Increased operational efficiency and high system availability with minimum intervention from the service provider thanks to the cloud-based offering
  • High scalability to meet the increased capacity required to serve different brands
  • Enhanced customer experience to MVNO subscribers with full self-care, policy control, automation, etc. capabilities

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