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Focus on your business, not your IT stack. Leverage our fully managed, plug-n-play BSS solution on the public cloud — and grow your customer base via an enhanced, personalized digital experience.

In a saturated, competitive telecom market, the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) segment continues to grow. With a 4.5% market share of mobile connections and over 300M users across 1,300 operators, it is predicted to accelerate more in the future.

Fueling MVNO Growth

Several factors contribute to the growth of MVNOs and help to ensure that new, nimble players can challenge the larger, more established Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

  • Regulations are forcing MNOs to open their infrastructure to MVNOs to increase competition and reduce prices.
  • The digital transformation era, which sets the bar higher for consumer expectations, requires new paradigms and new players.
  • 5G and new technologies, use cases, segments, and audiences require increased personalized service from telecom players.

MVNO Success Factors

To launch a new operator in a competitive market and run a successful MVNO business, an organization should continuously create value for its base and prospects by:

  • Meeting consumer expectations.
    The biggest market disruptor for traditional CSPs stems from rapidly changing customer expectations. Meeting and exceeding those expectations is critical for gaining attention in a saturated environment.
  • Adapting quickly. Implementing changes rapidly.
    It is necessary to differentiate yourself in the market by adding incremental value to basic service offerings. This enables you to adapt to the market quickly to act on changes, and follow your acquisition strategy.
  • Adopting a flexible and cost-effective operational model.
    As a market newcomer or operator that plans to grow new lines of business, the ability to start “small” and control your expenses is vital. Seek out products that allow you to pay-as-you-grow (based on actual consumption).

Your BSS Stack Requirements

To achieve these success factors, you need a robust BSS framework behind you. For MNOs launching an MVNE platform to host MVNOs, and for MVNOs buying their IT infrastructure, a cloud-native BSS on the public cloud offers the magic combination of the maximum benefits at the lowest cost.

Lowest TCO, up to 80% in savings.
Savings on the public cloud result from several factors, including cheaper compute power, decreased hardware and operating costs, and open source software.

Freedom to focus on your business, not your enterprise software.
Most MVNE/Os do not have the budget or in-house skills to embark on a BSS development project, not to mention managing infrastructure and data centers. With a public cloud BSS solution, any aspect of your BSS can be managed by your vendor — from your hardware to your data centers and applications.

Elastic compute power and autoscaling.
With the public cloud, you only pay for what you use (no pre-purchasing required!) — and you can scale operations up (or down) automatically as needs change.

Leveraging best practices and packaged templates.
A BSS stack designed and customized heavily is sometimes overkill. Instead, MVNE/Os need a BSS developed and packaged for their needs that is also modular and flexible for changes. With the public cloud, discover a dynamic solution with rapid time to value and constant access to new features, using automated CI/CD pipeline for bespoke needs.

Your Solution. Your Success.

Optiva BSS Platform is ideal for MNOs, MVNEs, and MVNOs. It provides tools that are vital for increasing and retaining your customer base. Easy to deploy and maintain, the multi-tenant BSS platform decreases the cost and complexity of integrating solutions and offers an enhanced digital customer experience and personalized journey.

  • Fully managed, end-to-end, pre-integrated charging, billing, and care, allowing rapid introduction of new products, price plans, and promotions
  • Cloud-native architecture with a rich and templated set of capabilities, tested and deployed globally
  • Quick time to market
  • A worry-free SaaS model
  • Lowest TCO — up to 80% savings

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