MVNO in LATAM drives customer experience and business growth with Optiva

Customer Background

The MVNO is owned by a leading LATAM retail chain that operates six brands and store formats. It is in a highly saturated and competitive market with low subscriber portability barriers and switching costs. By leveraging parent retail group synergies and assets, the MVNO has seen significant subscriber base growth.

Customer Challenge

Despite its good acquisition numbers, the MVNO experienced a slow active base and revenue growth. Its SIM card sales are dealt with similarly to other retail products with the objective to maximize retail sales. Mobile services are offered primarily as part of a loyalty program. They are a reward to the parent retail group’s customers, and customers use the mobile services as secondary, meaning they consume the rewards and spend little on further usage and often churn.

Using the Optiva BSS Platform delivered in the SaaS model, the MVNO focused on increasing its existing customer base. The emphasis was on their spending beyond loyalty rewards and reducing customer churn by offering competitive plans and offers combined with enhanced customer service and digital experience. Further, the MVNO was also looking to generate a new revenue stream with acquisition activities into new segments with a competitive postpaid offering.

The Solution Deployed

Optiva enhanced its digital BSS platform already deployed for the MVNO in a SaaS model, with cloud-based automated operations capabilities that resulted in the increase of operational efficiency, system availability, fewer support tickets, and faster resolution of customer complaints. This was despite growing traffic and increased customer expectations due to the pandemic.

The MVNO has been able to target and grow new market segments by enhancing and personalizing its loyalty offering. Automated testing reduces errors for rollouts, leading to faster time to market and the value of new offerings. Through improved customer satisfaction and experience, the customer behavior has shifted away from disposable SIM use to continued SIM use, including top-ups for regular use and activity. This has led to reduced churn and increased ARPU and lifetime value.

Optiva’s SaaS solution has also enabled the MVNO to access cloud methodologies and tools, including self-healing, self-learning, AI, and ML tools and capabilities. Thus, the automated operations solution allowed the MVNO to leverage and benefit from cloud-driven automation and capabilities — even before starting its cloud journey.

The SaaS business operations tools were also extended to the MVNO's call center. They enabled a fully self-service portal with automated backend ticketing integration and BSS stack monitoring capabilities for traffic views, data, trends, audits, and forecasts. The resulting improvements included faster time to resolution with proactive handling of issues and reduced complaints.

  • Increased subscriber acquisition growth and market share by adding new customer segments, including a higher ARPU postpaid segment and reduced churn.
  • Enhanced customer experience by improving customer service with automated resolution handling and offering plans and bundles to meet customers' needs.
  • Faster rollout of competitive offerings by leveraging OOTB features and cloud-enabled automation methodologies.
  • Increased operational efficiency and high system availability with enhanced automation.

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