TM Forum Public Cloud Report

Future BSS: Say goodbye to software customization

Business support systems (BSS) within communications service provider (CSP) organizations have been under strain for a long time. The fundamental issue is customization, which is ongoing, with systems requiring continual maintenance by expert engineers.

Customizations add complexity and technical debt, increase costs, and lengthen time to market. While customizations were done to improve customer experience and increase operator value, the result is that they impair these.

This report examines the state of BSS within CSP organizations today. Read it to understand:

  • Why the BSS business model is broken
  • The difference between best-of-breed and best-of-suite solutions
  • Why radical transformation is required
  • How the public cloud can give CSPs answers for the needed changes
  • How to ensure CSPs are getting a truly cloud-native, productize BSS from vendors

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