TM Forum: Cloud & Automation:
Changing CSPs’ Outlook

Discover the status of current telco Opex through detailed analysis of financial results from five CSPs.

CSPs have grown comfortable talking to their investors about digital transformation programs, but they have a tough time explaining how transformation will impact their bottom lines. In this research, TM Forum focuses on efficiency gains, which are the easiest way for operators to demonstrate the benefits of transformation. Importantly, the analysis concentrates on Opex rather than Capex.

Download this whitepaper to discover:

  • Which categories make up telco Opex
  • Why CSPs and investors use EBITDA margins as a key performance indicator
  • How CSPs have cut costs and why new technology will impact costs in the future
  • CSPs that are cost-cutting leaders
  • How BT, MTN South Africa, Ooredoo, Orange, and Telenor categorize Opex and how their spending compares
  • How much CSPs collectively spent on Capex, and Opex in 2020
  • How deployment of cloud, AI and automation will impact OpEx