Optiva Charging Engine™

5G ready, converged, cloud-native, real-time charging solution optimized for the world’s largest and fastest-moving telecom innovators


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Optiva Charging Engine benefits


Cloud-native 5G monetization for B2C, B2B, and B2B2X, including FWA and network slicing monetization

Processing at
global scale

Proven installations supporting hundreds of millions of subscribers at the best cloud economics


Create new value for customers with data use cases, commercial models, OTTs, and partners

Converged and
real time

Universal data models to support creative bundling across services like fixed, wireless, broadband, and beyond

Customers innovating with
Optiva Charging Engine

Features that make Optiva Charging Engine
unique and best in breed

Convergent charging for superior customer experience

Telecom customers are demanding personalized, real-time, simple, and all-digital interactions. Optiva offers superior CX with a single unified customer and service model, supporting multiple lines of businesses enhanced by AI, ML, and real-time analytics technologies.

Multiplay (mobile, TV, fixed, IoT)

A single source of truth with a universal data model to support charging for any telecom service (mobile, TV, fixed, IoT) with flexibility to offer these services in bundles

3G, 4G, 5G use cases

Service-based architecture that supports all 3G, 4G, 5G use cases on a single system to achieve the best ROI in 5G with innovative value-based monetization

Consumer, enterprise, IoT

Grow any business with innovative and flexible family plans, enterprise allowances, hierarchies, etc. for all scales and types of services

Customer experience

Multi-line businesses with a single source of data empower superior & consistent customer experience across all lines of business

Future-ready monetization for all 5G opportunities

5G brings opportunities at scale. Enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT, and ultra-reliable low latency 5G use cases will require unique features to efficiently charge at scale and required latency. Optiva offers unique features to win the market with innovative monetization, minimal cost, and maximum scale.

5G enablement with or without 3G/4G

Launch 5G on an adjunct system with no/little migration needs or serve 5G along with 3G/4G on a single converged platform

Smart handling of traffic for 5G and IoT

Optiva Charging Engine offers intelligent management of high volume, low ARPU, and heterogeneous traffic to provide the best cloud economics on a single system

New 5G revenue streams and use cases

Charging for 5G private networks and partner ecosystems for industry 4.0 use cases and beyond

Customer experience as the new currency

Ensure high-quality customer experience with SLA-based charging and real-time policy optimization for network slicing

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Innovate at speed and stay ahead of competition

Fast time to market is critical to beat the competition, especially beyond telco, and to win the numerous greenfield opportunities 5G presents. Optiva’s productized approach and embedded automation ensure high speed to market.

Evergreen centrally managed software

CI/CD pipelines and one centralized version of software ensure you are always on the latest version with no risk of software end of life

No-code fast configuration

120+ OOTB templates with automated testing offer fast time to market, ability to launch new products in hours, and automated testing framework for 10x greater testing in 1/10th of time

Software delivery in 3 months (new charging stack in 3 months)

Optiva Charging Engine fast-track pack provides exhaustive OOTB configurable options to launch new services within 3 months

Extendable data model and fast partner onboarding

Data model extendable to any type of commercial model (e.g., B2C, B2B, B2B2X) and open standard APIs provide easy and fast partner onboarding

Highly scalable and extendable with cloud-native and open architecture

Built on cloud-native technologies and highly scalable. With multiple live cloud deployments, Optiva Charging Engine is a proven technology optimized to scale to support 100s of millions of subscribers in any private or public cloud environment.

Open standard APIs provide easy and fast onboarding for partners. Get real-time access to all functions with the ability to integrate 360° feedback loops.

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Features at the heart of the best-of-breed ecosystem

Policy control and network slicing optimization

Real-time pre-integrated policy that ensures real-time policy intervention to create innovative CX and ensure real-time policy implementation in 5G slicing

Open data access for reports, dashboards, and AI/ML models

Shared data and standard REST APIs for easy and fast integration, and real-time triggering combined with open and standard APIs offer real-time data streams for improved experience

Geared for today’s opportunities and future challenges

Voucher and dealer portals provide balance management services for existing non-digital channels

Wholesales and partner management

Create new revenue streams by offering added value with partners, and establish easy partner settlement and check frauds

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