Optiva Partner Monetization

Unified monetization platform, delivering end-to-end partner lifecycle management, and scalable cloud-native solution for telco-driven B2B2X partner ecosystems


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Optiva Partner Monetization benefits

partner ecosystem

Capture full value of long and complex B2B2X value chains with full lifecycle management of multiple partners

Improve time
to market

End-to-end digital processes, zero-touch onboarding, configurable catalog for the fastest ROI

Single view
of customer

360° view of customer and partner data with unified dashboard and process

customer experience

Digital marketplaces with international payment gateways, real-time promotion, campaign management

Partner ecosystems
you can create

Optiva Partner Monetization features
help you win in the B2B2X market

End-to-end partner management platform

B2B2X partner value chains are long and complex. Optiva offers a simplified, open, and agile platform that evolves as the market changes.

Play any role in the B2B2X value chain

Telcos are key enablers in the B2B2X value chain, exposing valuable assets to third parties, providing an end-to-end platform, and maintaining direct customer relationships. Get the flexibility you need to monetize your strategy.

Partner across industries, use cases, and business types

Create unlimited value with industry partners, resellers, IoT, OTTs, hyperscalers, edge providers, and more.

Fully digitized experience 

End-to-end automated digital processes from partner onboarding to order creation and settlement. Create compelling value with multiple partners and simplify the end-customer experience. 

Partner self-service portal

Leverage a self-service partner portal to ensure better management for thousands of partners while controlling costs and eliminating complexity.


Unified and simplified B2B2X monetization

Multiple partners and stakeholders creating one value for a customer requires highly sophisticated and innovative monetization models. Our platform can price value from multiple partners and create complex multi-relational monetization models while simplifying the process and payment for the end customers.

Monetize anything and everything

Monetize any business model, attribute, business size, and telecom service on a single platform with a single source of data.

Sophisticated billing, rating, and charging 

Multi-tiered partner relationships, long account hierarchies, tree structured settlements, real-time charging,  all-in-one bundles, and more for B2B2X billing and charging lifecycles.

Create B2B first, then extend the X 

Empower businesses of all sizes to fit their needs. For large enterprises, create lead generation, quote creation, and PO billing. Use the same platform to create fully automated marketplace and subscription billing for small and medium enterprises.


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Digital marketplace

Launch a customer-facing digital marketplace with all listings and end-to-end customer purchase cycles from explore to pay. Launch new products and services in minutes. Provide easy search and multiple payment options. Innovate with bundling any product with any service.

Catalog-driven digital configuration

Single-source driven configurations across all partners, BSS modules, and customer touchpoints. Enjoy fast speed to market with easy configuration, tightly integrated modules, and automated processes.

Intelligent real time up-sell, promotions, and campaigns

Enterprise marketplace built to scale your revenue with simple bundles supplemented with intelligent real-time and up-sell promotions and campaigns.

Complete content management for partners and resellers

Give partners and resellers facility to self-onboard, configure, and update prices and bundles on the go. Create simple and fast processes for content generation, modification, and approval with a single source of truth.

Tax, foreign exchange, and payment services

Provide partners with required statutory services like taxation and easy and fast payments for national and international partner networks.

Highly scalable and extendable with cloud-native and open architecture

Optiva offers centrally managed SaaS products through public cloud marketplaces including Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Azure as well as private cloud deployments.  Our software leverages powerful cloud technologies, including DevOps, automation, AI, ML, open APIs, and open architecture. 

Open standard APIs provide easy and fast onboarding for partners. Get real-time access to all functions with the ability to integrate 360° feedback loops.

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Other features supporting end-to-end digital partner lifecycle management

International settlements

Go global with international payments, tax settlements, and foreign exchange services embedded in the platform

Accelerate Web3.0 adoption

Gain with Web3.0 technologies in BSS with smart contracts for partners, slice brokering, facilitating metaverse, and more

eKYC, security, and compliance module

Onboard partners and customers rapidly with complete digital KYC, keeping security and compliance up-to-date with ease

Single view dashboard

Analyze and act with speed from a single dashboard with a 360° view of all partners and resellers

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