Giving You the Advantage

Everything we do, from how we’re structured to our design and engineering methodologies, is built around absolute alignment with your business goals. We empower you to optimize the evolving marketplace as an opportunity for growth and innovation.

Our Driving Principles


Optiva is fiercely committed to achieving your goals through tight alignment with business outcomes. This is not the transactional vendor relationship you get from larger technology providers — this is true, goal-driven partnership.


Optiva pairs strategic expertise with innovative technology to address your most pressing business challenges. Our ideas and products provide CSPs with a powerful advantage to compete and win in markets globally.


Optiva bridges the gap between technical requirements and business realities. We leave behind outdated, legacy approaches and apply the latest technology to help you stay ahead of your competition.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Optiva optimizes value for our customers. We use technological innovations to increase your bottom line. With our cloud-enabled BSS suite of products, we commit to offering the lowest TCO in the industry.