A Game-Changer for Telcos

Private cloud is on premise in disguise.

Make no mistake: private cloud is just fancy bare metal. Avoid costly, fake cloud deployments. Opt for Optiva’s cloud-native BSS on PUBLIC CLOUD and achieve massive cost savings.

Place Your Bet on Public Cloud Every Time!

Discover the proven advantages for telcos:

Unparalleled scalability
Expand on demand without pre-provisioning hardware, ever. Virtually unlimited resources provide compute power that automatically scales (up or down) to align with your business needs — any day, month, or year.

Unmatched security
Public cloud vendors are some of the world’s foremost technology giants, and they invest heavily in data security and privacy. For example, Google invests more than US $3 billion annually in its secure-by-design infrastructure and has received the highest score from The Forrester Wave™.

Powerful database, analytics, and more
Access applications and software available only on the public cloud. Leverage a dynamic and largely open-source ecosystem for transformative technology and a competitive edge.

Faster time to market
Tap into a constant flow of new features and functionality — making time-consuming, costly upgrades a thing of the past.

No data centers mean no more big budgets for infrastructure and associated operations. But the value driven by pubic cloud goes beyond hardware:

  • Capitalize on cheaper compute power (by up to 35%) and commercial flexibility (pay-as-you-grow)
  • Leverage built-in disaster recovery
  • Ditch Oracle! Google Cloud Spanner is 10x faster at 1/10th the cost.

Liberate yourself from end-of-lifecycle headaches. Your last hardware refresh can be just that – your last!

" Private cloud is fake cloud because you still have a data center, and hybrid and multi-cloud have downsides that other industries have learned from — companies like BP, J.P. Morgan, Vanguard Group tried these options first but now are ‘all in’ on moving to the public cloud.

If you truly want to save a ton of money — don’t waste your time and make the same mistake. Pass on the fake cloud and go straight to the public cloud.


Focus On What Matters Most!

Why spend precious resources on managing data centers? Choose Optiva's cloud-native BSS on PUBLIC CLOUD and free your team to innovate and take customer experience to the next level.