Public Cloud is

True digital transformation is more than "lift and shift" or a peripheral application running on the cloud. Refactoring your core BSS / OSS and migrating it to the public cloud is a move to REAL CLOUD, with all of its game-changing competitive advantages.

Why Public vs. Private Cloud?

When evaluating public and private cloud, there is no comparison. With a public cloud deployment (on Google Cloud Platform specifically), you unlock the full value of cloud and gain massive savings.

Provision what you need, when you need it.

Elastic compute and auto-scaling of database resources means you no longer need to pre-purchase and plan for compute and database resources for 20-40% above peak capacity. You can provision for average capacity, scale up or down as needed, and adapt to dynamic business needs.

Ditch Oracle for unparalleled scalability and latency!

Google Cloud Spanner is an enterprise-grade, globally-distributed, high-availability, strongly consistent database built specifically to combine the benefits of a relational database structure with non-relational horizontal scale. This Google battle-tested database has the unique ability to automatically scale and synchronize reads and writes across unlimited nodes with low latency and strong consistency through the use of Google TrueTime API. Bottomline, you get 10x the speed and scale at 1/10th the cost of Oracle.*
*Based on internal testing.

Lower infrastructure costs and reduce staffing needs.

Simplify and reduce the time required for deployment and operations by freeing up resources tasked with handling the complexity of on-premise deployments and associated challenges, such as disaster recovery.

Leverage security and infrastructure investments made by one of the world’s foremost technology giants.

Google has invested US$31 billion building their data centres and their own private network. Reap the benefits from their innovation and proven experience in deploying large-scale data centres.

Benefit from Google’s more than US$3 billion annual investment in security for their cloud — a secure-by-design infrastructure that received the Q2 2018 highest Strategy score for Public Cloud Platform Native Security from The Forrester Wave™.

Gain faster Time-to-Value with agility and flexibility.

Enjoy faster delivery of changes, new services, and innovative solutions, cutting by more than half the time it takes for testing and deployment in a containerized environment.

Free your business to focus on what matters – adding value, tapping into innovation and taking customers experience to the next level, increasing loyalty and retention, applying data analytics and actionable insights to launch new services to market faster, and more.

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Optiva Solutions on Google Cloud Platform, transforming telecom

We want our customers to have an advantage over their competitors, so we’re equipping them with the most advanced technologies. Cloud has disrupted most industries, and it is only a matter of time before it disrupts telco. We believe the time for cloud-native applications is now. Prepared, forward-thinking CSPs that adopt these technologies early will win.

Danielle Royston, CEO of Optiva