Optiva Revenue Management Suite™

An end-to-end, best-of-suite, lowest total cost of ownership BSS solution tailored for CSPs.

Ideal for CSPs with up to 10M customers, including MNOs, MVNEs and MVNOs, Optiva Revenue Management Suite provides tools vital for increasing and retaining your customer base. Easy to deploy and maintain, the suite decreases the cost and complexity of integrating solutions and offers an enhanced digital customer experience and personalized journey.

Customer Engagement

At the core of Optiva Revenue Management Suite is our powerful product catalog.

Through deep integration with digital channels, order management, service fulfillment, and product creation, it delivers a flexible, agile, and robust environment, empowering you to create appealing campaigns and plans for your customers. It is the lynchpin that enables accelerated concept-to-market and order-to-cash lifecycles, providing support for seamless omni-channel customer experiences. Coupled with our charging technologies, it allows you to leverage pre-packaged, real-time monetization features to rapidly launch new offerings to market and gain the advantage over your competition.

Best-of-Suite BSS Offering

Our world-class charging solution is only the beginning.

Optiva Revenue Management Suite includes features and functionality you need to compete and win in your market.

Integrated CRM, Product Catalog & Order Management accelerates customer acquisition by providing pre-configured, efficient order-to-service processes, from product selection and order capture through fulfillment.

Omni-Channel Customer Care significantly improves the consumer experience with its full range of digital self-care channels and consistent, up-to-date information, offering a 360-degree view of the customer.

Proven Online Charging leverages the same technology that allows us to power the world’s largest communications providers. Seamlessly integrated, it provides the rich feature set necessary to bring your leading-edge concepts to market.

Fully Multi-Play Ready allows CSPs to consolidate multiple lines of business on a single platform. From wireless, wireline to digital services, our solution increases loyalty and customer stickiness through bundled offerings.

Efficient Billing & Payments quickly realize revenue and minimize leakage. Our configuration-driven, rules-based billing module supports multiple payment methods, produces a single bill for all services, and provides efficient dunning and collections mechanisms.

Deployment Flexibility

Our BSS suite can be quickly deployed to support your time-to-market expectations. It’s efficient, scalable, and cost effective.

Available on premise, hybrid, or public cloud. Learn why REAL CLOUD is public cloud.

How do you migrate to the cloud? At your own pace. Optiva Revenue Management Suite is available for Kubernetes-enabled data centers, including private data centers and Google Cloud Platform.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Lower your capital expense by eliminating the need to purchase and manage your own compute power on premise. Instead, convert to elastic, dynamic compute power in the public cloud. Eliminate the headaches of application stack management and lower your TCO.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation — Now

Whether launching new digital services, creating new lines of business, or looking to achieve more agile operations, Optiva Revenue Management Suite provides a best-of-suite approach to BSS.