Configure Your Way to Success

Maximum Value, Lowest Cost

With SaaS, CSPs enjoy the benefits of the software, plus a constant stream of new functionalities, without the hassle of an on-prem installation or the ongoing burden of managing data centers, infrastructure, hardware, and software lifecycle.

Out-of-the-box, configurable SaaS:

  • Eliminates complex and often expensive customizations and change requests.
  • Bypasses technical debt that hinders operators.
  • Leverages and increases the benefits of next-gen technologies today.

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Why SaaS for BSS?

CSPs are facing unprecedented demand for greater agility and faster time to market to launch new products and services — all while being pressured to reduce operational costs and initial investments.

Migrating to SaaS-based BSS on public cloud allows you to:

BSS is broken. It’s a business model that can’t carry on. Operators simply cannot afford expensive change requests (customization), and even vendors who charge a fortune for those requests realize the situation has to change.

Future BSS: Say goodbye to software customization, TM Forum, Jan 2020 »

Top SaaS Benefits for Telecoms

Massive savings

SaaS saves money, plain and simple. With Optiva’s cloud-native, fully managed BSS running on the public cloud, our customers can save on TCO by up to 80%. Plus, you can cost-effectively consume BSS functionality without the need for further customizations and change requests and with a flexible, pay-as-you-grow model (no wasted investments in capacity you may never need).

No need for costly upgrades

Tap into seamless, automated rollouts of new functionality without impact on application availability. CSPs no longer have to plan for or invest in maintenance, upgrades, or end-­of-­life activities. Also, you always enjoy the capabilities of the latest version.

Deployment in 4-5 months

We start by standing up a generally available version (within weeks), then employ an agile, bi-weekly configuration of new functionality. With our productized, cloud-native BSS on the public cloud, you’ll be ready for commercial launch in ¼ of the time it usually takes.

Time to market

Enhanced configuration capabilities and a constant flow of new functionalities allow CSPs to stay ahead of the competition. You can launch new products, services, and offerings rapidly and without the need for customizations.

Operational efficiency

Smart CSPs know when to build and when to optimize with partners. Leveraging proven methodologies, the most up-to-date tools, and services like site reliability engineering (SRE) allows CSPs to focus on their business drivers and leave hosting and application management to the Optiva and cloud vendor teams.

Built-in business continuity

By leveraging public cloud capabilities, CSPs enjoy service resilience and are ensured an always-on experience that is driven by automated infrastructure management, built-in multi-zone, and high scalability for highly reliable software systems.

It’s All About that SaaS!

Reclaim the time and money you would otherwise invest in data centers, software management, and hosting! Discover the benefits of a SaaS, best-of-suite solution with Optiva BSS Platform, and increase your focus on your business and customer experience.