Salam Mobile Journey to
Start-Up MVNO of the Year

Interview with Salam Mobile on how it leveraged Optiva BSS Platform
to launch its new MVNO business

Salam Mobile Takes MVNO Innovation to the Next Level

Salam Mobile won Start-Up MVNO of the Year at MVNOs World Congress in June of 2023. Optiva spoke with Fouad Halawi, CCO of Salam and Principal of Salam Mobile, to learn how it achieved its launch and business success story.

Salam deployed Optiva BSS Platform cloud-native BSS technology on its state-of-the-art, private cloud infrastructure. It empowers Salam with rapid launch capabilities and provides total cost of ownership (TCO) savings by addressing its end-to-end MVNO business monetization requirements. These capabilities support Salam in growing its customer base with an enhanced, personalized digital experience. Learn more about Salam and Optiva’s partnership.



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