Game-Changing Technology

Leverage next-generation software based solutions to improve your performance, increase your savings, and provide your end-customers with the experience they expect.

Our portfolio of monetization products enables real-time billing, charging, policy management, and user experience that are critical to CSPs’ growth and success.

Optiva Revenue Management Suite™

An end-to-end solution, helping telcos stay ahead of the competition and maximize revenue.

Optiva Revenue Management Suite is a pre-integrated solution that goes beyond traditional billing. Quickly deploy real-time billing, charging, and powerful business intelligence. Leverage features that enable rapid rating and pricing, any-play offerings, storefront provisioning, and cross-service promotions — so you can deliver a more advanced and personalized user experience.

Optiva Charging Engine™

An award-winning, battle-tested and fully customizable charging solution, helping the world’s largest CSPs monetize next-generation services in real-time.

With its agile charging, policy and user experience capabilities, Optiva Charging Engine enables operators to capture new revenue streams and serve your users in ways that align with your unique business. Capitalize on accelerating market trends with processing speeds 10x faster than legacy database technologies (up to 500K TPS, when deployed in GCP with Google Cloud Spanner), so you can turn data challenges into real competitive advantage.