Built Natively for the Cloud

Innovative, yet practical — Optiva architecture enables alignment
of its proven and reliable products with cloud-native practices.
This evolution allows you to fully leverage the power of cloud technology with Optiva’s product portfolio and maintain your path to agile innovation.

Our re-architecture approach offers you the best of both worlds.
Unlike lift and shift, it delivers cloud benefits, while skipping the
long journey and lost functionality.

Cloud-Native Application

  • Decomposed architecture
  • Operates with SRE methods
  • Use of open source
  • Embraces automation & CI/CD pipeline
  • Leverages next-generation database

Traditional / Legacy


Containerize & Decompose


Embed Cloud Products


Apply Open Architecture




Enable New Business Model

SaaS on Public Cloud

1. Containerize & Decompose

  • Break your monolith to business services
  • Containerize for easy installation and management
  • Decouple functions from execution

2. Embed Cloud Products

  • Deploy open source and advanced 3rd party software
  • Replace proprietary and costly database with next-gen cloud database
  • Enhance with cloud automation tools

3. Apply Open Architecture

  • Standardize to telecom industry practices
  • Expand beyond core telecom
  • Enhance and enrich product functions

4. Productize

  • Empower business users and accelerate time to market
  • Allow constant flow of new functionalities
  • Apply SRE methodology to the product design

5. Enable New Business Model

  • No end-of-life
  • Keep your version constantly updated
  • Consume as a service

The Benefits of Cloud-Native Architecture

Scalability & Elasticity

Tap into Innovation

Automation & Agility

Open Architecture

Optiva product portfolio is available in private and public cloud, and it supports a set of hybrid and edge-based use cases. Each deployment model brings a unique set of capabilities and benefits:

Private Cloud

  • Compatible with various cloud infrastructure management software
  • Use of leading open source
  • Automated testing to accelerate velocity while ensuring quality
  • Optimized performance and compute power utilization
  • Enhanced software agility with CI/CD

Public Cloud

  • Access applications and software available only on the public cloud
  • Expand on demand without pre-provisioning hardware
  • Leverage built-in disaster recovery capabilities
  • Unmatched security and privacy compatibility
  • Massive cost savings

Hybrid Cloud

  • Distributed central and edge processing to efficiently address traffic loads
  • Ensure 5G and IoT low latency use cases with on-the-edge charging
  • Spill over to the public cloud in case of disaster or traffic surge

Optiva products are powered by various
cloud platforms, including:

New Deployment Approach

Deploy a generically available product first. Then configure and enhance it along the delivery project in short, collaborative cycles to reduce overall time to go live.

Configuration Over Customization

Fully configurable products, leveraging out-of-the-box templates that can be configured easily with drag and drop business UI to the needed business definitions. Avoid creating technical debts on your BSS software with heavy customization, and improve your time
to market.

Constant Flow of Capabilities

Stay up to date with the latest software versions and continuous flow of new features and functionalities via an automated CI/CD pipeline.


Provide a test-fast, fail-fast approach to new services and offerings with a quality and exhaustive automated testing processes — delivering quicker and more efficient results.

  • No software management
  • No end of life
  • Address market needs quickly
  • Velocity of services — faster &
    increased quality

“SaaS-based monetisation platforms have become an important consideration thanks
to its many benefits such as lower costs,
faster time to market and simplified operations framework. The widespread adoption of SaaS-based solutions in other industry verticals supports this being a viable model even for mission-critical applications.”

SaaS delivery models will transform CSPs’ monetisation platforms, Analysys Mason, Aug 2020