What Does It Really Mean?

Cloud Native + Public Cloud = Maximum Benefits

Truly cloud-native software is architected specifically for the public cloud and leverages cloud-based software, giving you full access to the power of the public cloud and unlocking vastly superior capabilities, performance, and applications.

Beware: "Lift and Shift" is
not cloud native

When you hear that a product is cloud agnostic, that means it is not cloud native. It is using virtualization and not leveraging the power of the public cloud. These efforts to move an application as is to the public cloud will result in an overspend of 40% in 2020, according to Gartner.

Unique Benefits

Optiva BSS products are truly cloud native, giving you:

Seamless access to innovative software. Tap into a constant stream of cloud-enabled applications (e.g. AI, ML) built by the world’s best technologists to increase growth and elevate customer experience.

DevOps, CI/CD improvements. Enjoy a continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline to release updates faster, identify problems more easily, and increase reliability.

Powerful database technology. Public cloud databases can solve challenges that proprietary and legacy databases cannot — for a fraction of the price.

Google Cloud Spanner combines the benefits of a relational database structure with non-relational horizontal scale, providing:

Speed and savings: Ditch Oracle! Gain 10x better performance at 1/10th the cost.

Scale: Automatically synchronize reads/writes across unlimited nodes — it’s battle-tested and globally-distributed.

Low latency, high availability: Leverage strong consistency with an industry-leading five 9’s SLA, no planned downtime, and telco-grade security.

Achieve Results Only Optiva Can Deliver.

Don’t let vendors mislead you. Real digital transformation is made possible with cloud-native revenue management software on the public cloud — and it is a key catalyst to success in your market.